Monday, 4 May 2009

Find your tribe rubber duck

Once he got his specks on right, he was able to find his tribe. My little strange rubber duck sighs with happy content. A rubber duck without a tribe is, well, like taking a cigarette from someone who was born smoking in the hands of the midwife. He finds himself looking at his sponge heart and decides that life in plastic is in fact fan-bloody-tastic.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Fiskeboller at House of Trash

Images of the Installation placed within a withering old bathroom at the House of Trash Exhibition curated by Arts and Events 2009.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Tongue and bathmat

using two identical pink bath mats, these were re-stitched in order to transform the bath mat into a small scale landscape, exploring organic shapes. The natural forms aim to contrast the chemical and fake feel of the material used. This piece was used as the sea bed in the film "Fiskeboller".


These are the props used to create the film that is embedded in the below Installation piece named "Fiskeboller". Inspired by documentaries on swarms and sea creatures, these were made using carpet, rip-stop material and bath mats. These creatures were attached to a device that allowed for them to "swim" in a continuous circle in water.

ps: Films will be posted shortly and will describe how these were conducted in more detail.


This is my latest Installation made for the house of Trash exhibition that is currently on in Poole. The large fish-like creature is meant to be a bigger version of the smaller props used to make the film. She is the stranded waste that sings a lullaby over and over to her young.

She was made using primarily the same materials as the props; carpet, duvet and rip-stop material.

ps; images from House of Trash will be posted shortly.